Live Streaming

Miami Live Streaming & Webcast Services

Chroma House Productions has plenty of experience with Live Streaming & Webcasting. Both Multi-Cam and Single-Cam.

As an example, here is our latest Live Streaming production with Microsoft XBOX for the Superbowl LIV 2020 in South Florida. It involved a crew of 12. Three camera operators with FS7’s, production sound mixers, production assistants, set design team, makeup, lighting crew, and webcast crew with equipment. All shot in one day.

Live Streaming Equipment

  • Blackmagic ATEM 4K Television Studio Pro Switcher
  • Saturn 800 Custom Livestream Studio Switcher
  • Livestream U
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Mini Recorder Package
  • Clear-com FreeSpeak II - Wireless Intercom System
  • RTS Wired Intercom System (4-6x)
  • Decimators
  • Cable Packages (SDI, Ethernet, SDI)
  • Bonded Cellular Service

Streaming Simplified

sound mixing equipment for live streaming
a film crew live streaming a segment for xbox
behind the scenes of a superbowl 2020 video shoot
behind the scenes of a superbowl 2020 video shoot

We are aware that webcasting may be intimidating for some clients and for that reason we only bring on professionals who know these systems front and back. Whether it’s a town hall, a keynote address, a legal conference, or what have you, we are able to broadcast your event to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Worried that your venue may not have a solid internet connection? Don’t worry, we have the ability to setup backup connections in case the primary connection has problems. Does your event not have internet service available? Ask us about bonded cellular service.

Contact us with any Live Streaming and Webcasting requests.