Video Production Management

Video production management services in Miami. We help produce your project and bring it from Pre-Production to Post. 12 years experience producing video content for top brands and agencies. Let us look after your project from start to finish.

Producer Services

We work with some of the best names in the (local) Industry to provide top of the line producer services. On our bigger projects, we bring on top producers who are comfortable working on high profile projects with high profile brands. 

On the much larger projects, you will see us working with a lineup of Line Producers, Assistant Producers, Editing Producer, etc. Please contact us and ask for Carlos de Varona, our main producer and head of production.


Budget drives everything. Limited budget means limited ideas and production value. We can help you find the right balance so that you maximize your production value. 

Some people ask us, “How much does a video cost“. It is hard to give a clear answer without knowing your expectations and general budget range.  There are so many variables to video production that can drive cost, so we need to find the right balance that works with your budget. 

Many of our projects contain 10% contingency in case of Act of God, or any other reason we may need to reschedule that is out of our hands. We always plan for the best, but we are prepared for the worst.


There are many moving parts to planning a video production, and we are here to bring those parts together. Some video equipment needs to be picked up, which crew member should pick it up based on their location? The camera assistant is available on the first shoot day, but not on the second shoot day. If no one else is available, what is our backup plan? 

Things like this need to be carefully thought about and no stone left unturned. When we get this right, is when you have a smooth production with no hiccups.


We handle the hiring of all crew members, vendors, and equipment. We know exactly who to hire for the type of production we are working on. It’s a music video? Then we will go with a different gaffer. Is it a corporate event requiring 4 camera operators with matching cameras? No problem. 

We know exactly who has those camera’s in town, and who can be the best operators for them. This is another way how we help maximize production value.


There are usually logistical hurdles we need to jump over. For example, last year during Art Basel, we had a shoot day at a house in Miami Beach that only had one parking space, but we had over 13 crew members who needed to park, and not far since some people needed to access gear. We coordinated a rental of a nearby parking lot, and hired two production vans to shuttle crew members to and from this parking lot. We can coordinate all these things and cure your headache!


We handle obtaining all film permits in Miami Dade, City of Miami, City of Miami Beach, City of Coral Gables, Pinecrest, & Key Biscayne. We have already been in contact with these office’s and can turn some of these permits around in as little as 24 hours. Every city or town has its own rules. Let us navigate this area for you and apply for the proper permitting.


Let’s face it, insurance is important. Your company wants peace of mind, and so do we. Many rental companies, vendors, and venues, require insurance certificates. We have all the up to date insurance information required to jump start any video production in South Florida. Liability, Workers Comp, & Equipment Rental Insurance. If your project requires anything like being on the water, flying in an airplane, or flying a drone, we can obtain the proper insurance. 

We often work on some very complicated projects that require heavy Production Management. Ask us for a quote!