We produce most types of video content. The most common are: Commercials, Social Media Content, Corporate Videos, Brand Films, Events, & Live Streaming.

There are so many variables to video production and therefore costs can greatly vary. We first need to know how many days you plan to shoot, what equipment we are bringing on, and if there are any pre and post production costs associated with your project. This will help better determine an estimate for your production.

We are fully insured with workers comp and up to a $1,000,000 liability coverage. We also have equipment rental insurance for up to $250,000

We have a solid roster of local video production crew. We do this all the time. Professional camera crews, grip and electric crews, production assistants, location sound mixers, hair & makeup, and everything in between.

Yes we do. We livestream many different types of videos and events. The most common types of projects we livestream are corporate and sporting events. Our last livestream was with XBOX for their Superbowl LIV “Game before the Game”.

Yes, we provide crew services. We have a carefully thought out roster of video production crew you can choose from. Producers, AD’s, Camera Crew, G&E Crew, Production Assistants, and other local team members.

We work with all the popular camera systems such as Arri Alexa Mini, Mini LF, Red Epic-W, Red Gemini, Sony FX9, Canon c500 mkii, Panasonic GH5, and more. We source additional specialized equipment from local rental houses like HD House and Mar Media.