Sony FX9 (Rent in Miami)

We own and operate a Sony FX9 in Miami, Florida. This FX9 is up to date with the latest firmware and is very well maintained. Must provide a COI (certificate of insurance) in order to rent from us. If you do not have production insurance, you can hire this camera with a Camera Operator or Director of Photography. We also have a wide range of monitors, lenses, and additional camera support.

We require a certificate of insurance with equipment rental coverage for you to be able to rent from us. If you don’t have production insurance, you can hire a camera operator or assistant. Carlos de Varona may be available!

About the Sony FX9

The Sony FX9, officially the PXW-FX9, is an amazing full-frame 6k sensor camera released by Sony in late 2019. This camera came with many notable features:

  • 6K Exmor R image sensor
  • Dual Base ISO
  • S-Cinetone
  • Variable Electronic ND Filters
  • Genlock Timecode (on the body)
  • Hybrid AF
This camera was meant to be and upgrade to the wildly popular Sony Fs7.  The Sony FX9 was made to build on that success and fix many important issues regarding the old system. We have now personally been using this camera since January, 2020 and we have nothing but good things to say.

Dual Base ISO

One huge improvement from the FS7 was the addition of Dual Base ISO. This is an absolute game changer and very helpful when filming in dark environments. It now has two base ISO’s: 800 and 4000. You are able to map one of your menu buttons to act as a switch between 800 and 4000, then all you have to do is fix your exposure and shoot. You will see a significant increase in the camera’s low light capability.


As much as we liked to use the FS7, the color wasn’t perfect. Especially when you didnt plan on grading the footage. And now, rather than just dropping in a REC-709 setting on your output, or using any hyper gamma settings, Sony included a new default color profile for the camera called S-Cinetone. It has a much more accurate color gamut and skin tone, and gives you great color straight out of the box. The color is based on the Venice look,  and can be closely matched with the Sony Venice. S-Cinetone has very soft highlight rolloff and gives a very film like look.

Variable Electronic ND

Just like the Sony FS7 MarkII, this FX9 includes the very important Variable Electronic ND. No more having to switch your ND mid shot and having it baked into your footage. Now you can gently increase ND using the dial on the operator side of the camera. You can add or remove neutral density in slow increments from 1/4 to 1/128 as lighting conditions change.

Genlock Timecode

This was a very frustrating feature that was never included with any version of the Sony FS7. No longer do you need an adapter, a very expensive adapter, to sync your camera with other operators and sound mixers. Straight out of the box. Plug and play,

Hybrid AF

Although we don’t often use AF, it does come really handy when using gimbals, or whenever you have to use this camera without using your actual hands. Face detection is also very powerful. In full-frame mode, Fast Hybrid AF has 561 focus points covering 94% in the horizontal and 96% in the vertical. There is a rumor that the monitor is a touchscreen, just not enabled yet. Looking forward to future firmware updates to see if this was true.

Call us if you have additional questions about the SonyFX9. We can also get more than one if your project requires it. In the past we have put crews together with as many as 12 FS7/FX9’s together at once.