Miami Live Streaming Services

Chroma House offers Live Streaming (also known as “streaming”, or “webcasting”) and multi-casting/simulcasting. Our live streaming services cover many different area’s, both on-site and cloud based. Concerts, Conferences, Professional Sporting Events, E Sports, & News. Your audience will be able to connect anywhere in the world.

Cloud based Live Streaming workflows.

Storage and management on Amazon Web Services servers.

Professional technicians with over 7 years live streaming experience.

Case Study: Microsoft Xbox

As an example, here is our latest Live Streaming production with Microsoft XBOX for the Superbowl LIV 2020 in South Florida. It involved a crew of 12. Three camera operators with FS7’s, production sound mixers, production assistants, set design team, makeup, lighting crew, and webcast crew with equipment. All shot in one day.

Live Streaming. Every format.

live streaming flow chart

Mobile Live Streaming (LiveU)

One of the most popular products for Mobile Streaming are the LiveU 300 & 600. The LiveU is one of the smallest and most portable bonded cellular units on the Market. The camera operator is able to wear it on his back while he transmits a high quality remote live broadcast to IP. He can be anywhere in the world with this system and your audience will receive flawless quality.

The LU300 weighs about 2 pounds and bonds up to 6 connections together. Two LTE, two modems, WiFi and LAN. We are able to offer the same quality of H.264 at half the bandwidth. This makes for one very reliable way to transmit high quality video on the fly.

Mobile Live Streaming (Iphone/Android)

Sometime’s all you need is a cellphone. Whether you want to livestream in a remote location or you want to stream a virtual concert where there are multipliple DJ’s, we have 3rd party app’s we can use along with a MiFi to enable the bonding of two cellular signals in a single phone. This way you can turn any cellphone into a reliable streaming device with fast uplink. If you are in an area with WiFi, then we use that WiFi signal and combine it with your smartphones 3g/4g data for a solid connection. The possibility’s are endless here as we can uplink an unlimited number of signals to our switcher for editing and simulcasting onto social platforms.

E Sports

Websites like Twitch have become popular with gamers who want to livestream their gameplay to their audience. We have the capacity to livestream multiple feed’s of gameplay which can then be simulcast to a variety of different social channels. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mixer, Periscope, UStream, & Twitch can be used to stream your content. Deliver a professional experience to your audience by letting them connect all around the world.


Trade shows and corporate conferences often need to be recorded and then simultaneously broadcast in real time. We work with many venues in Miami & South Florida to do just that. Not only can we record your event in full, but we can live switch your event in realtime. Live switching can also be done remotely if we have camera operators or mobile devices in different locations. Ask us how. 

Crisis Communication

State and national emergencies require constant communication with the public. Covid-19 was a good reminder of the importance of communication during an emergency. We have been working with hospitals (Naples Community Hospital) and other government agencies to provide live, round-the-clock crisis communication to an audience that needs information on the fly. Due to the social distancing measure’s, we have been working on Mobile Streaming using LU Smart or our AWS Cloud. Any user in the world with a cellphone is able to use their phone to stream from their devices. The individual camera feeds could then be uploaded to our server where we can do remote live switching and output to the social media platforms of your choice.


If you have advertisers, you’re going to need to track the amount of users and other data while broadcasting. The most common metric is “Average Minute Audience” (AMA). We can calculate your AMA by dividing the number of minutes streamed by the total amount of minutes watched between all your viewers. This data can help you better target your audience in future broadcasts and video content.

Live Streaming Equipment

Streaming Simplified

mobile live streaming

We are aware that streaming and webcasting could be intimidating for some clients, and for that reason we only bring on professional film crew who know these systems front and back. Whether it’s a sporting event, town hall, a keynote address, a legal conference, or what have you, we are able to broadcast your event to anyone in the world with an internet connection. 

Weak signal? We have specialized equipment to fix this problem. Even if the location of your broadcast has no internet connection, we can use bonded cellular streaming equipment, like the LiveU, to broadcast your video.

Contact us with any Live Streaming and Multi-Casting requests.