Post Production

We offer post production & editing services in Miami. From cutting small video’s or EPK’s, to editing full on documentary’s and music videos. For editing, our team uses an Adobe Premiere workflow, and promises quick turn-arounds.

If you need to sit in with one of our editors, just ask and we can arrange to have you come in to one of our available studio spaces for a supervised edit. We can go over your brief and discuss deliverables as well as any other elements needed for post production.

Each of our video editors have over 10 years experience and are and We work with some of the best editors to bring you high quality post production and finishing.

Video Editing

We edit the following types of videos for our clients. If your video type is not listed here, or you would like to inquire about our video production services, please click here.

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphic’s artists are some of the best in Miami. We make logo’s, graphic intro’s, lower thirds, bumpers, and transitions. We will pick to right Motion Graphics artist depending on what the job requires. Our turn arounds are quick and you will be able to sit in with them one on one if need be. 

Color Correction

No video is ready without a round of color, and sometimes all your video needs is only an adjustment to “pop” the colors but still maintain a naturalistic look. With color correction, we make sure your exposure, contrast, white, black, and saturation levels are correct. Adjusting these parameters will make for a much more “finished”, yet natural, look that is ready for broadcasting or publishing.

Color Grading

Not to be confused with color correction, color grading is a bit different in that grading is used to achieve a more unnatural look by creating mood’s and emotion with the tone of color. Color grading employs more drastic changes to the color of your video.

Sound Mixing

Sound is, without question, one of the most important parts of the filmmaking process. Mixing is when we adjust the audio levels in post to make sure that all the audio elements are well mixed, or blended, together. A video is not finished without this process, which is usually the last.