Why your client should disclose their video production budget.

By Alex Alvarez

The cost of a quality professional video production doesn’t have to be gigantic. However, it goes without saying that the more money a client invests in a project the higher production value it will have.

We’ve heard it all too often: “How much will it cost to shoot and edit a 3 minute video for us?”. The truth is, A film, commercial or any type of video product has so many variables and factors that could affect production costs. The best way for a client to get the most of out their money is to be upfront with their budget. This way you can in turn, provide the clients the production value they deserve.

That said, If a client is open about their video production budget, it also shows they are serious, and gives you, as the vendor, the capability of knowing exactly what you can provide them with, as far as cast, crew, gear and post prodution. This is again mutually beneficial and weeds out the window shoppers just looking for a cheap production, or to under bid the industry standards. I’m going to go over a few of the reasons you should be upfront and ask your clients their budget:

  1. It will save both parties time. Lets cut to the chase. “More or Less, what is your estimated budget?”
  2. Maximize their production value. When a client is clear about their budget, they are sure to receive the best ROI possible.
  3. Are they wasting my time? Find out if your client is serious. Most of the time when a client knows what theyre willing to spend, that means they have been shopping and that theyre ready to find a video production partner.

In closing, when possible, I highly recommend knowing the full video production budget upfront. Don’t be intimidated. Business is business. My personal advice is to figure out a way to ask for the budget that suits your personality and negotiating style.

Until next time this is your friendly neighborhood production freelancer Alex Alvarez signing off.

See you on set.

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