7 Reasons to Hire a Video Production Company

By Alex Alvarez

Whether you are a new or established company, the need for viral video marketing is more prevalent than ever. Online video content is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to watch shows, movies, and news, not to mention reach consumers.

On a given day over 100 million people watch some sort of video on the Internet. The majority of companies are beginning to focus more and more on the Internet and specifically online video content. 

Unless you have been in operation for decades, and have a built in clientele, it behooves your business to use video advertising.

There are many reasons to advertise via online content. Here there are 7, of what I feel are the most logical and cost effective reasons to hire a professional video production company.


Quality original content

A professional video production company has a team that will write, produce, plan and shoot a custom video created for your company product or service. 

Hiring video production professionals will guarantee that your video is thought provoking, and aimed at the market or demographic that you are after.


Return on your investment.

A well crafted video substantially increases the odds of more effective ROI. Video ads help solidify and promote your brand. Big time.

According to SmartInsights, embedding a video to your site can increase conversion rates up to 80%.

Its really important.

Naturally, the more you invest in your video content, the more interaction, leads and clients you will get as a result. This reminds me of the old business adage “you must spend money to make money”.


Talent and expertise.

While you, as a business owner, may be able to monologue about your product, business or service, a video production company is integral to creating a story line and producing creative and engaging content.

It is generally unwise for inexperienced business owners to attempt to produce their own content. If you really want your video to look “pro”, do your self a favor and leave it to the professionals. 

Give them an outline and they will script it out for you. This will ensure that your key points are included and managed properly in a way that will actually work on camera.


Save yourself and your company time.

The planning and creative process is painstaking, and depending on the scope of a project, can take days or even weeks. 

Hiring a video production company will save you the time and the headaches of taking on the often tedious techniques of cinematography, sound, editing and coloring.

All of the crew members on a typical Chroma House set for example, have over 10 years experience. Those skills are priceless and allow any team to achieve a great look on camera.


Studio quality cameras and equipment.

Another bonus to working with a professional video production company is that in most cases they own high-grade equipment. 

Not to discredit freelancers or DSLRs but, countless productions are shooting projects on DSLR cameras

A professional video production company will provide studio quality cameras, lights, and sound gear which will make your product look and sound professional.

Generally, the videos that you look at and think are professional are the ones where we use expensive equipment tailored for the job we are doing. Every camea, light, microphone, is unique and has its purpose. It’s our job to understand these tools in order to boost the production value of our projects.



A video production company will often have working relationships with casting directors and talent agencies, which will provide the quality of performance needed for professional looking video content. 

A lot of times the production company will also have favorites in town from previous castings and will have insight into where to go to find the right talent.

Make sure to take your time finding the right video production company to suit your production needs. 

When you find the right fit for your viral video or commercial, try and have them work on all of your video content. This assures a consistency of quality with your future video advertisements, promotions and content. Remember, content is king.



Comprehensive project management and coordination.

One of the most essential parts of video production, is planning and coordination. Also known as, video production management. 

Given that a professional video team is more experienced, they will anticipate any potential pit falls, and bumps in the road. An experienced video production company will also be able to trouble shoot any on set technical issues as they have dealt with most if not all prior to working with you.

The goal is to get every detail written down and figured out, that way you have no surprises and all your plans actually take shape. 

It’s also important to be decisive and not waste time, so it’s best to find a team that is already in tune with each other. These teams know how to work together efficiently and effectively.

As we happen to be a video production company based in Miami, if you ever need any video production services in this area, we would be happy to help or even point you in the right direction no matter what it is. Contact us if you need any help.


Chroma House is a Miami video production company, specializing in all aspects of video production. We bring stories to life by visually communicating our clients' message through global commercial branding, and new media. Based in Miami, Florida.

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