How to start a Video Production Company

We often get asked on how we started Chroma House, or what it took to do so. Besides the obvious answer of “Hard Work” there definitely are some steps that could be taken in order to move in the right direction. Ive listed a few of them here:


There’s many different kinds of Video Production Companies, but the ones that will prosper have one thing in common. They have experience. As you sharpen that experience, you will begin to focus on the work you wish you had. Keep working. No matter the level of your experience, you will have to build on that knowledge as you go along.

Work on your Demo Reel

a video production company editing a clients video

Before you can even move forward, you would need something that shows what your company is capable of. Work hard on your demo Reel, even if it means shooting new content for the reel. All of your customers will want to see what you are capable of. Make sure its loud and clear, and appealing.

Choose a name and form an LLC in your State.start your video production company by first forming an llc

You have what it takes, and you have a great body of work, now what? Its time to choose a name for your company. Pick a name that means something to you and that isn’t already taken. Pick something thats unique to you. Once you are ready, you need to form an LLC or similar. This can be done by simply googling “how to form an LLC” in the state of [enter your state here]. I think its about $100 on

Create a website.

designing a website

Once you have your company set up and registered, you’re going to need to register a website and start designing. This part is very important, your customers will look on your page before booking you, they should not have to be there long. Your site not only needs to look good, it has to be easy to navigate. If you’re looking for a clean and simple way to create a site, visit Wix or Squarespace.  Advanced users may want to look into creating a wordpress site.

Work on your site’s SEO.seo idea boxes

Once your site is online, it needs to be searchable for your future clients to find you. Your mission is to be listed on the front page of google. One of the best ways to do this is to blog. Create articles about things that are directly related to the core of your business. For us it was “7 Reasons to hire a video production company“. Content is king. This is integral to building your business.

These steps will point you in the right direction. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. Good luck!

Chroma House is a Video production company based out of Miami, FL. Please visit our website at You can also contact us at (305)776-6020.


Chroma House is a Miami video production company, specializing in all aspects of video production. We bring stories to life by visually communicating our clients' message through global commercial branding, and new media. Based in Miami, Florida.

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