Tilta, known for its high quality and affordable camera accessories, has just announced it’s Tilta Nucleus-M at NAB 2017. This newly announced lens control system comes at a surprisingly low price of $1,200 and as a Miami Video Production Company, we’re hoping to test it out.
The Tilta Nucleus-M kit comes with 2 wireless hand controllers, two motors, a hand unit and a case, all for $1,200. Many are shocked to hear this price point and group buys are already in place for RedUsers, meaning you will have a chance to save even more.  This product is completely wireless and will be great for run and gun documentary shooters and gimbal users. Drone operators are also in luck. According to Tilta, this wireless hand unit will communicate with the motors at a distance of up to a mile (1.6 km).
We spoke to a few people who attended NAB this year and we were told that the performance of this unit was quite impressive considering its exceptionally low price.  Most other lens control systems are very pricey, lets hope we encounter no problems with this unit and that it works right out of the gate. Hundreds or even thousands of bad units could potentially sink Tilta. This is a risky move but we like it!
Chroma House is looking forward to reviewing this product for you soon. We will be pre-ordering through the RedUser group buy. To sign up for the group buy, create a free account on RedUser and visit the marketplace.
Checkout Cinema5D’s recap of the Tilta Nucleus-M at NAB2017:

[vimeo video=”215088266″ width=”900″ height=”506″]

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