Marcelo’s Ceviches

About a month ago, Chroma House, a Miami Video Production Company, had the opportunity to document local Miami ceviche legend Marcelo Florindes of Marcelo’s Ceviches. During our time with him, not only did we learn his history, but also his struggle to get to where he is today. If you don’t already know, Ceviche (aka Cebiche) is Latin America’s most famous seafood dish.


Some Archeologists suggest that ceviche may have been consumed in Peru so far as two thousand years ago, although some historians believe it was brought to Peru by people who accompanied the Spanish conquistadors and colonizers, and eventually evolving into what is now considered ceviche.

Whatever the details of its history may be, Marcelo, being from Ica, Peru, is no doubt a master of his craft in ceviche making and now you can usually find him selling ceviche out of his truck in the town of Key Biscayne, Florida.


How it went down:

We met Marcelo through local Producer Jose Antonio Muñoz after he started a project titled Comesor. We loved Jose’s concept so much that we decided to team up with him on producing these videos in an attempt to tell stories through food. Lets face it, people love food content.

The shoot day finally came, we met with Marcelo in Key Biscayne on a Saturday at about 10am. He was busy doing his rounds so we first started shooting B-Roll from our car. After following him around for about an hour, Carlos de Varona jumped in his van and started filming with a Red Epic-W and a Sigma 18-35 1.8 lens. For sound we used a Sennheiser EW100. Needless to say, this was really run and gun. We had Marcelo until 4pm.


It was impressive seeing how many locals were calling in orders as he  would have to make it right there on the spot.  After another two hours of driving around completing orders, we parked at Calusa Park Tennis Center where a crowd of about 20 locals were waiting to order their ceviche.

Once he completed his orders, we set up for the interview, lit naturally under a covered lunch area. We learned the story of his company and how this was all connected to tennis. Story goes that he and his friends used to play tennis at Calusa Park and after the game Marcelo would make ceviche for him and his friends. It started to become very popular until a got to a point where he decided to make it a business.  Its a very cool story, just watch the video below.


To contact Marcelo’s Ceviches, please call 305-318-4160


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